Communication is a powerful tool that can help companies achieve their business objectives. Using improved knowledge about their target audiences, gathered with the help of well-honed perception studies, and key messages sent across a wide range of channels, including traditional media and the Web, companies can generate perceptions that are consistent with their business realities. The relatively low cost of communication and its power to create an impact amongst the public at large are causing more and more state-of-the-art companies to make their communication policy an integral part of their strategic planning.
    There are a number of crucial issues that every company must face, both when times are normal and in special situations or times of crisis: protecting and fortifying all aspects of its reputation, improving its relationships with analysts and investors with the help of careful financial and economic analysis, and managing its relationships with regulatory authorities.
    In today’s ever-changing business climate, companies need to evaluate how they are perceived in the market and open up communication channels with their primary target audiences.
    At Piniés & Aguilar, we believe the best way to achieve these goals is with excellence: excellence in the planning of strategic communication goals and objectives that are well adapted to every situation and excellence in their tactical development and implementation.
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